Upholstery Cleaning

We use a non chemical process to clean your precious possessions

Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services

Premier Pro Clean has been cleaning upholstery and fabric in and around Essex for 20 years.

Freshen up your Upholstery.

A thorough clean can freshen up and restore your upholstery, giving it an extra lease of life. If your favourite sofa is getting old and stained, we can help add life back into it, by brightening the colour of the fabric and removing stains.
An average 3 piece suite can be cleaned in 2-3 hrs and dry within 5-6 hours.

Deep down clean.

We provide a guaranteed professional upholstery cleaning service, that will clean deep into your upholstered furniture at temperatures that remove the dirt and grime you can see, and kill the germs you can’t see! Resulting in a deep down clean every time. And a Healthy Home.

Our upholstery cleaning specialists are fully trained and insured.


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