Cleaning Tips


A Guide to Caring for your Carpets and Upholstery

Just as the clothes we wear need regular cleaning to keep them at their best and make them last longer, so carpets and upholstery require a regular care programme. Regular cleaning will keep them looking good and extend their life.

The exciting colours and designs of modern carpets and fabrics open up almost unlimited interior decorating possibilities. To make sure you keep your home looking its best follow these simple guidelines.


Prevention is better than cure! Ensure you have a good doormat to trap as much soil as possible and prevent it getting carried through the home Encourage everyone to use the mats and clean them regular to ensure their effectiveness.


Regular vacuuming is the surest way to keep carpets looking their best. Upholstery too should be vacuumed regularly using the appropriate attachment.


Accidents will happen, and carpets and fabrics will stay looking their best if prompt action is taken. For best results follow these simple guidelines.

* Act immediately, before the spill or stain spreads too far or penetrates the fibres
* Scrape up solids with a spoon or palette knife, always working the centre of the spillage to avoid spreading the stain
* Blot up liquids with a clean white cloth or paper towel (Do not rub)

If you are in doubt, call Premier Pro Clean for advice!

If a stain remains, take great care! Many stain removal guides’ give a long list of products to use in different situation; detergent and vinegar; alcohol; benzene; acetone; dry cleaning solvent etc. Wrongly used, you may end up doing more harm that good and cleaning a permanent stain which even a professional may have difficulty removing.

Plain water is the universal solvent that will worked on most things. By using warm water, a clean muslin-type cloth and gently dampening and blotting the stain, you will work most thinks out the patience and care (Do not rub affected area).

Alternatively, use Premier Pro Clean spot remover as directed, knowing that it is safe and will remove most types of stain quickly and easily without risking your carpet or upholstery.


To keep looking their best, carpet and fabrics require a full periodic clean by a professional. There are may risks involved if you shampoo your carpets yourself, or use a cheap cleaning company who do not take proper professional care:

For a really professional job, call Premier Pro Clean and be sure that you will get:

* thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning with minimum of fuss
* A naturally based solution. No soaps, detergents, phosphates, solvents, brighteners etc
* Highly trained ISO 9001 accredited professionals
* Most carpet dry 1-2 hours
* A full range of services including upholstery cleaning, specialist stain removal treatments, leather cleaning, flood restoration work, pet urine removal and many more.